New !! 【With Omar Ebina ★ Winter's limited course】 3680 yen day ~ Thursday limit ★ 120 minutes drink all you can do ♪

3680 yen

Fresh fish, meat, Sushi ... etc. Offer creative cuisine compatible with wine.For various kinds of courses incorporating Western elements in Japanese sushi, accompanied by your favorite wine and drink.


※ Menu example

◆ raw ham and Caesar salad

◆ sashimi platter

◆ Tempura with oysters and pumpkin

◆ Steamed wine of shrimp prawns (half body)

◆ Assorted roast beef

◆ Clam sauce pasta with clams

◆ Assorted handful sushi

◆ Today's dessert

* There are cases when there are changes to the menu somewhat by purchase.